State of LWJGL3, is it working for anyone?


replacing lwjgl with lwjgl3 subproject causes me multiple issues related to the loading of the native part.
Does this actually work for anyone?

I get this error on linux:

[LWJGL] [ERROR] Incompatible Java and native library versions detected.
Possible reasons:
a) -Djava.library.path is set to a folder containing shared libraries of an older LWJGL version.
b) The classpath contains jar files of an older LWJGL version.
Possible solutions:
a) Make sure to not set -Djava.library.path (it is not needed for developing with LWJGL 3) or make
sure the folder it points to contains the shared libraries of the correct LWJGL version.
b) Check the classpath and make sure to only have jar files of the same LWJGL version in it.
Feb 15, 2018 10:03:23 AM com.jme3.system.lwjgl.LwjglContext printContextInitInfo

Windows on the other hand gives an error that a 32bit dll cannot be loaded on a 64bit system. Acoording to the naming scheme used in the native loading, it is however the 64bit version it is trying to load.

Yes, I’ve been using it for over a year now.
I’m using a release package from here: LWJGL - Lightweight Java Game Library
I didn’t have problems with the LWJGL 3 version alone, only with confusion of versions.
(on windows 7)

I work on and support this module. How do you manage your dependencies?

I don’t remember any issue related to lwjgl3, i only had troubles when i mixed different versions of the same package. How do you manage your dependencies?

Ok, then it must be an issue on my side.

I have witnessed this once. We did a release and the wrong DLLs were extracted by jME. This was on someone else’s computer and I created this small program to print out some system variables that jME uses to figure out which DLLs to extract. To my amazement the variables were correct and I found no errors from jME code just by looking at it.

Issue went unresolved with manually extracting the correct DLLs from the JARs. So there is something fishy going on. But I just can’t put my finger around it…