Steer Behaviors Demo: Rotterdam Shortcut

Hi everyone,

Finally, I’ve been able to pull together a JME Steer Demo. In this demo, the A* algorithm is used to find the shortest path between two underground stations. Then, jMonkeyEngine is used to represent the results in three dimensions. The jMonkeyEngine Steer Library is used to move a train through the railway.

The steer behaviors applied to the train are:

  • Path Follow: The first train wagon will lead the way through a path created linking the station’s coordinates
  • Leader Follow: The second wagon will follow the first one, the third wagon will follow the second one, and so forth

The demo can be downloaded at



WoW man you are back :grinning:
I am using your java steer behavior library in my game (currently WIP). It works really awesome. I learned a lot while reading code and docs.

Thanks so much for your great work :heart:

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That’s a very nice demo, congrats!!!

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