Steering Wheel and Pedal Set Recommendations

Hi all.

It’s been about five years since I used JME. Back in 2012, I used someone’s university JME2 project as a starting point to develop a basic driving simulator. Over the years, I refined it, did some pretty cool things with it, and used it for multiple research studies. JME2 is ancient now, and I no longer have a practical need to be developing driving simulators. I do, however, need a hobby, and would like to play around with vehicles in JME3. I’ll need to buy some equipment first though.

So: are there any steering wheel/pedal sets that are easy to setup and implement as inputs with a JME3 game? I lack the technical skills to build in support for controllers/inputs on my own, and also lack the technical vocabulary so, apologies if it isn’t clear what I’m asking here. The best way I can describe my limits is, in JME2, there was a Joystick input test included with jmetests called TestJoystick. If you plugged in a steering wheel/pedal set and TestJoystick wasn’t able to recognize and print messages that the wheel was being turned, the pedals were being pressed, etc., then there’s no way I’d be able to fix that. Telling my game what to do with those steering wheel turns and pedal presses on the other hand (applying forces to rotational axes, etc.), was totally manageable.

Thanks for any advice.