Stopping multiple emitters

So, I had a problem which seems arbitrary, but is causing some nuisance for me… basically, I have a bunch of particle emitters attached to my rootNode, and I want to simultaneously turn them all off (stopping them emitting). Basically, in “pseudo”-code

[java] for(ParticleEmitter p : rootNode.getChildren()) p.killAllParticles(); [/java]

However, this really doesn’t seem to work, as getChildren() only contains spatials?

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If u put 'em all into a subnode like emitters, you could do the following:

Node emitters =new Node(“emitters”);


and if u want to kill u do

for (Spatial s:rootNode.getChild(“emitters”).getChildren())
((ParticleEmitter) s).killAllParticles();

or you put emitters as a member into your controller

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You could recursivle go trough the scenegraph and test
if spatial instance of node
-> do for each child
if spatial instance of emmiter
-> kill

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This is what the SceneGraphVisitor is for.

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