Streaming audio with AudioNode plays "ending" wrongly

Streaming audio with AudioNode plays “ending” wrongly. How to put this better… YouTube:
In the end it repeats a bit from somewhere in the last(?) buffer array. The is a bit of silence at the end of the sample, and instead of ending it after it, I still get the “-on’t abu-”.

I made my own MP2 audio loader, debugged and debugged until my eyes and ears bled. Then I converted the sample to WAV (plays perfectly in VLC) and the same happened. While debugging I tried synchronizing and wiping of the last buffer array (when it asks to read 300000 bytes and I have only 10000 to give, I tried wiping the rest of the buffer). I don’t know where the problem is, but I don’t think it was my loader, probably, since the WAV did the same. LWGL or JME…

Here is my code to start the audio playing in case I made a mistake:

AudioNode audioSource = new AudioNode(assetManager, "Sounds/test.wav", true);

in SimpleAppInit(), just for testing purposes.

Buffered mode plays just perfectly. So it is not the sample, definitely.

This is a known issue in 3.0 stable… It is fixed in git master (this is the rewrite to the audio streaming part).

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Thanks for the reply. Good to know that!