Stupid question?

I want to build a small city…

lets say I built a terrain in 3DS max and added it…

Lets say I built a house…

Is it possible to move that house on top of the terrain? As in with the mouse and make it 'clip' into the terrain perfectly?

That depends on what you mean by perfectly… If the terrain is too fine grained, there is no easy way to make it, except looking at every intersecting polygon.

If not, you could ask the terrain its height at the four corners of the house, and use the minimum as you offset.


Would it be possible to say build the terrain w/ objects the player cannot interact with? then import it. Then import objects the player can interact with?

I don't follow you. Objects you import are one thing… interaction/non-interaction is done programmaticaly and has nothing to do with importing.

For example:

I have a small city, I've added the grass the road, etc. I've added the house w/o a door. Because I want the player to be able to interact with the door. So do I put the door on the house later on when I want the player to be able to 'open it'?

this depends entirely on your design, but yes i guess importing objects separately from interact-able to non-interact-able would be good, which then continuing to lock() the non-interact-ables.

what you can do is something like this for interaction:

create door;

if distance from door <= minimum distance

    if iWantToOpenDoor then;

or if you don't want it seperate, don't lock() the house.

door = houseModel.getChild("door");

if distance from door (or from house) <= minimum distance

    if iWantToOpenDoor then;