Successfully creating an Android project with jME3?

Ok, I get it. Look at the forums, there are many different posts about this topic. But I’m stuck in a whole. A while back I tried creating an Android project on jME3 using the wiki, and I fell in a few problems, and I went on the forums, and then I see that the SDK is disbanded, and you have to use a different software, and then it’s not disbanded and the original way still works, and you need to install different programs for it to work and a certain version because the new one doesn’t work and then I see that an update makes jME3 and Android broken???

This hurt my head and I decided to speak out and ask, step by step, to create an Android project, because I am so confused and all these dates of posts aren’t helping.

So, please, someone point me in the right direction. Thanks!

  1. Choose your IDE if it’s the SDK sorry I can’t help if it’s Android Studio(IntelliJ IDEA) continue to step2.
  2. Create a normal Android project.
  3. Add jME dependencies in file.
    if you still want to use the SDK you can use it for scene editing as for debugging you may want to use android studio

So you are telling me the SDK cannot be used for Android (or at the very least, the way you are telling me)?

no, I’m telling it’s hard to work on the SDK for android development but it’s possible.