[suggestion] Add a article for game ressources in the wiki

Hello monkeys :slight_smile:
I just remind me that, in the jME2 documentation, there were an article over game ressources: 3D assets, 2D assets, advices, etc…
I wanted to know why this part is not in the jME3 wiki ? I think it is really useful for mans who wants to start a game without designer.
I will be, of course, happy to help writing this article.

Check the sidebar to the right ------>

Except “export from blender” I do not see a title which is about game ressources, but I probably do not see it, what is the name of the topic ?

All of them basically. Hello Assets, asset pipeline, hello materials, 3d graphics terminology, the videos… And when you actually click them you will find a vast wiki full of all kinds of related topics.

Oh ok, you are right but I had the idea to do a “all in one”, well as you want.