Suggestion for Matrix4f

As you can read in thsi thread I had a little problem with Matrix4f.

The problem lies in

if ( FastMath.abs(fDet) <= FastMath.FLT_EPSILON )
            throw new ArithmeticException("This matrix cannot be inverted");

When zooming in ortho by resizing the frustum this will break the picking code as for a very big frustum the determinant gets smaller than FLT_EPSILON.
As Irrisor has pointed out (and after some testing I agree with that) this call might as well be replaced by a check against zero.
What do you think?

If you tested it and it works perfectly fine for values smaller than FLT_EPSILON then why not?

I ask because I have no idea if there are some side effects that I am not aware of.

I mean, this check got included for a reason, I guess.