Support for loading fog from blender files

Hey everyone,

just a small info about the possibility to load fog defined in blender file.
If we enable the ‘MIST’ checkbox in the scene panel we will enable the fog on the scene.
It will have the same color as defined horizon color in the same panel.

I only load the color of the fog because other paramters are either not supported or do not fit to jme in any way so I guess it will need to be done in the user’s source.

The fog is a Filter and in LoadingResults class there is a new method
public List getFilters();
that allows to access and process it.

I do not know if the feature will be widely used, but I added it because:

  1. it was simple :wink:
  2. the importer now supports loading filters which might be useful in the future

It works for the newest blender version for now.
I will check out if there are no issues for older versions when I get home.



very nice :slight_smile: Thanks

Hey, this broke the build. As the blender package now depends on the fx package the ant build fails. It would be good if you could still check the main build before committing from your build setup.

Edit: btw, also make sure to move your changes over to the gradle-restructure branch as trunk will be overwritten with it soon.



I run the ‘default’ target of the build ant script and it did not fail, so I have no idea what went wrong.
Is there a way for blender importer to use the core-effects then ?
Because otherwise I would need to get rid of that functionality :frowning:

And as for gr-branch - no worry. I work on the old project now, but when I make commit I also do it on gradle - restructure branch.
Nothing will be lost :wink:

Funny, it does fail with a blank checkout. Anyway I added the necessary dependency to the ant script, not to the gradle script yet though.