[survey] what do you need to start using xbuf?


I would like to release a MVP “usable” version for xbuf pipeline for Monkeys (other than me) at the begin of 2016.
What do you need to use it ?

xbuf pipeline includes :

  • a format for 3D data (mesh, scenetree, animation)
  • a blender export (with realtime preview in jme)
  • a jme runtime+loader

Personally, I would give it a try if there was an exporter for 3dsmax.

I’m definitely going to try it the next time I get back to Blender. For me, all I need is the right kind of time… assuming installation is pretty smooth now.

Good point.
TBH, I’ll not work on it in a near future (I don’t have 3DS, and time to learn it api, …), but I’ll support anyone who want to work on a 3DSMax exporter.

EDIT, I’m working on assimp to xbuf converter (iirc, assimp have an limited support to import .3ds, like blender).

Right now for my project i’m using a slightly modified version of the blender loader, I considered to use xbuf instead but the fact that is written in Xtend keeps me from porting the stuff I need on it. I can’t make me like that language/dialect.
I’m wondering if there is an xtend to java converter.

@Riccardo, which feature did you add into the loader ? Maybe, I could extend xbuf to support it.
Xbuf is a format (a protobuff “dialect”).
You can “extends” the existing loader with java if you like, I made it to be overridable.

PS: Xtend generate java.

Mainly - time. And detailed guide how to install, configure and use this stuff.

Maybe - a way to implement some game-specific features, but I’m not sure about them yet - chances are that I’ll go for first release with standard set of features and will add visual candies later.

  • Compatibility with JME 3.0
  • Backward compatibility with existing solution. I.e. an animated model loaded with new xbuf solution should act the same way, including the same interface over anim channels/controls as models loaded with standard JME’s importer.

I have a lazy brain and tend to try stuff when I have a need for it… currently, I only use very simple models I make in blender and they import very easily. I don’t use animations and so on, so simply loading blender files suit my needs, but later on maybe.

I’m open to doing some testing if it helps though, but my current models are soo simple (hoolahops and stuff), that they aren’t a good test… but if you have models you want tested or the installation or whatever, sure.

If you provide some detailed text or video tutorial I will appreciate you David. :+1:

This is more or less what i changed:

  • Support for Blender material’s user properties that can be used for setting Material variables inside jme.
    For example, if you set Shininess[Float] = 32 inside blender, when the loader generate the Lighting.j3md material it set this value for you. If the userproperty key doesn’t contain a type between brackets (ie. Shininess = 32) it’s just added to an hashmap inside the Material object (like the spatial userData).

  • Possibility to specify what MatDef you want to use inside the material name on blender (ex. material_name[Common/MatDefs/Misc/Unshaded.j3md] ).

  • The importer can load textures that haven’t any type (i.e. Normal, Color, Displace…) checked on blender and it can use, if specified, the name between brackets as var name for setting them in the jme material, ex. MyTextureName[BaseColorMap]


IMO the last “road block” for me is your custom Skeleton control… I’d like to avoid to have the xbuf dependency at runtime.
I’m ready to help you to make it fully compliant with current master, and, I can even make a SDK module to transform xbuf files to j3o.
Other than that it already has everything I’d want.

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Oh, yes, definitely… that’s a sign something should be fixed.

Thanks for the first response, very usefull. Until I improve xbuf, some answers.


@nehon, @pspeed,

Working with jme 3.0 without xbuf runtime lib, will not be possible (the SkeletonControl is mainly a backport of the version 3.1 with fix).


Good idea, custom properties are already converted into user data. I’ll see, if I could add an how-to into the doc.

@Ali_RS, @prog

If you want to give a try, there some tuto (not enough, I agree) at http://www.xbuf.org/get_started/ and some video.

For materials? I took a look at the code but i didn’t find this feature.
Also, if you could add some comments it would be awesome :sweat_smile:

Well we can make a fallback for JME 3.0 and get rid of the dependency for 3.1

I want to use the format but the site http://www.xbuf.org/ was closed! I saw it’s page on github GitHub - xbuf/xbuf: A developper friendly game exchange format for 3d data. but also there is nothing useful to begin using xbuf.

There is also the website on github http://xbuf.github.io/

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