SVN Checkout of jme3 not possible with revision 8047 under windows

Hi there,

using ever since TortoiseSVN under windows.

Updateing/checking out to the latest Revision 8047 is producing an error:

In directory ....jme3/src/test-data/Textures/Terrain/splat'
Can't open file
Das System kann die angegebene Datei nicht finden. (in engl.: "System can not find File")

IMO the problem is related, due to the fact that 2 Files a "Rock.PNG" and a "rock.PNG" are added with the 8047 commit in

This shouldn't be a problem under Linux, but windows does not recognize differently capitalized files as separate files.

can somebody check on this thanks

I have the same thing on jMP. When updating, the IDE downloads the new files but delete them immediately after.

There is also a rock.png in there as well as a few other multi-cased files.

I tried to unscrew this but I’m not sure which ones are the right ones. The only instance in Java code where I see reference to any rock.png isn’t even in this directory but the Textures/Terrain/Rock directory. shrug