SVN repository not accessible to users from Iran an a few other countries


Wanted to let you know that since the code is stored on google code, and that service is not available in embargoed countries, people from these countries are unable to contribute to JME.

Yes, we are aware of the situation and this is one of the reasons why we host nightly versions of jME2 and jME3 including the sources on We will also move a copy of the jME3 SDK to the jmonkeyengine server soon.

This situation with google is becoming more and more complicated and we are actively looking into other solutions to host our repository because of that.

Sorry for the inconveniences, we hope you can work with the nightly version for now.



Edit: Contributions are also always welcome in the form of patch files posted on the forum.

Well I would really like to offer a svn for the engine on my dedicated (Triple core hostet in erfurt germany, unlimited traffic)

If that is what you are searching for ?

(Maybee it is possible for example that I host a mirror of the svn? so everyone can at least access it)

Yet another idea would be to use git and github, or Mercurial and bit-bucket.

Well for my own projects I experimented with thema s well, and I must say I think they suck configuration wise. Svn is quite easy start the svnserve, edit config , use svnadmin -create “name” and done.

Btw, I prefer to use the svn:// protocoll because the default googlecode http stuff is really slow in comparision.

I now added jMP-Alpha2 to the nightly folder as well, so all users from parts of the world that cannot access google websites can now download and update jMP and jME easily as well.



Thanks Normen,

I used a proxy server to access Over there, I was instructed to check-out using this command:

# Non-members may check out a read-only working copy anonymously over HTTP.

svn checkout jmonkeyengine-read-only

After the checking out completed, I realized that I had cheched out JME2-SNAPSHOT instead of JME3.

I’m a bit confused now. Is there a way to checkout JME3 ?


Yeah, you have to go up one folder /without the trunk and then select the branch jme3

Yeah, the URL is