SVN support


I tried to get SVN working with jME Platform and hit some problems.

SO i am running windows, and installed the windows subversion bundled client which jmonkeyplatform suggested when i right clicked my project -> subversion.

I then checked in my first project no problems.

However i then went to check in the 2nd project - and it for some reason thinks this is part of the first project and doesnt give me the option to import it into an SVN repository…likewise for my 3rd and 4th projects.

How do I do this, is this a jmonkey platform bug?

No, I guess you have copied the project #2 from the first project using the windows explorer? Then the .svn folders from the one project are copied over to the other as well. These contain the svn info and that will be recognized.

To copy a project without the .svn folders right click the project and select Copy… in jMP.