Sweethome3D as indoor location designer for games

I’m also curious about “dual licensed programs” That essentially means we can use one or the other…

I’m looking at something I’m using now and it’s dual GPL and COMMON DEVELOPMENT AND DISTRIBUTION LICENSE…

It’s a JSR too, wtf is this crap, shouldn’t it be under the Oracle BSD license…???

Yes, 0.1 - extreme scaling. The walls would need scaling like 10.0 or something like that.
The textures are not seamless - the mapping doesn’t matter.
EDIT: as soon as you take seamless textures, scaling like 1.0 or 0.7 would look good…

Please calm down. The maker of a software or asset selects the license for his/her creation.

I’m calm… VERY CALM…

yes, but when it’s a feature-set of Java I would assume it would roll under Oracle’s license, even though I know OpenJDK is a seperate entity and usually deals with the JSRs an such for the new version.

The answer I’m interested in, is this dual license, and trying to get away from GPL…

:chimpanzee_closedlaugh: Funny…

Some of us just don’t want to be tied down what @pspeed calls “The GPL Virus.”

From what I read we can choose either license in a dual-license agreement though…

Just annoying that there are licenses out there with sketchy terms that we have to abide by, and a lot of people don’t realize this. Granted every license SHOULD be read before purchasing/using a product/software.

It’s great that people want to be open-source and fuel the community, but a lot of us don’t want to be held down “by the man…”


Ehm … not another discussion about the different licenses please.
You had that in your VideoAppState discussion. :chimpanzee_smile:

I think most people here are aware of licenses.
First thing you learn about “open source” is that there are different licenses and laws.

Btw, the Unreal Engine and .NET and Visual Studio are open source too (VS just recently).
From “holy secret” once to “take a look and help me improve this code” today is a great change…

Unreal is only ‘sort of’ open source. It’s more what I’d call “visible source” though it has more legs than most.

Quote: “If you use any Unreal Engine code in your product (even just a little),
then your entire product is governed by the EULA, and royalties are due.”

It’s both viral and royalty-laden. I mean, it’s nice that they do that certainly but it’s one significant step even more restrictive than GPL.

I distinguish open source and closed source for this aspect.

The other aspect I call “free” versus “commercial” (or often “proprietary”).
I know, the term “proprietary” was used in this forum with a different meaning (“proprietary jME format?”).

Proprietary means “owned by someone else” basically.

In the case of a file format, it means that the ‘owner’ controls the format. ie: a JME format would be defined by JME. It’s not an open spec, it’s not defined by blender (like Blender’s proprietary .blend format), it’s not defined by Microsoft, etc… it’s defined by JME. The “format” is owned in the sense that if you change it then it’s a different format now… because by definition a JME format that doesn’t load in JME isn’t a JME format anymore.

Property / proprietary literal word meaning I knew.
But it’s now become a very meaningless discussion for me. :chimpanzee_smile:
Have fun,

I hope you didn’t think I was insulting you. I was trying to point out why “proprietary” works for file formats.

Commercial means “you sell it” which is not the same as “proprietary”. For example, you can sell things that are not proprietary… you just may have more competition. :slight_smile:

…luv ya guys… :slight_smile:

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Yes I agree,
This licensing discusion is lovely and cool

I hated my hint you know for any indoor I will mockup. With cubes or find a faster graphic designer :blush:

I think the Sweethome3D software will allow loading custom assets?
Then just provide any game-ready chairs, tables, wallpapers etc. to it.

One of my games might use this (I already collected some furniture assets from Blendswap - only problem is that not all of them are game-ready because Blendswap assets are often made for video/poster renderings).

Again, if you don’t want to participate in a discussion, you are free to NOT participate, NO ONE is forcing you. I’m not sure why you try to moderate this form as if you are it’s owner…

I also find it odd say you “I think most people are aware of licenses” and then get some good information you didn’t know about from pspeed. Maybe just sit back, relax, and enjoy the convo, and hope you can learn something.

It seems you have some sort of issue with my posts, or with me in general, which is odd since I thought you were a very awesome person, before you started to personally attack me. If you CAN NOT act nice towards me, please refrain from replying to me, because this will save us both time, and frustration. Thank you.

As for this, I think the licensing information is important, it doesn’t matter how many times we talk about it, it’s important to know, and understand. Unless you have read each license, and understand it 100% within the law, then it’s something that should be talked about, especially all the time.

I posted all of the license information here, because it was asked, and because it’s important to know, since it was asked to be included into JME.

@pspeed once again thank you for your knowledge on all things licenses :stuck_out_tongue: .

You make an interesting point about the “Unreal Engine,” but say “use the Unreal Engine code” so that doesn’t mean using the engine itself to create something, but the code itself?

I ask because I see the BSD license for JMonkey, so is that for the “IDE” or for the code itself, or both? Are there separate licenses for each? I’m asking, because I assume one could build JME themselves, and use their own IDE, for instance Netbeans?

Thanks @pspeed :slight_smile:

You are absolutely right. I’m not a moderator or anything like that.
This thread was about Sweethome3D and now it’s about bashing “bad” licenses again - but why not?
Sorry for me disturbing this discussion. I will adapt myself and sort out the bad behavior.

pspeed didn’t say something that I didn’t know before. I regard Unreal Engine as open source - and he doesn’t. You can view the source code of that engine. Their license is not BSD / MIT license but a much more strict and commercial license.

Just one little suggestion: You could create your own topic for questions around open source licenses. This way it would not derail this topic. It is only a suggestion - nothing more.

Also, in your VideoRecorderAppState question there were many good answers and infos for license stuff already. You started the thread 30 days ago: VideoRecorderAppState videos cannot be above 2gb?

Have fun, :monkey:

I guess the phrase “open source” has taken on a meaning more than simply what the phrase implies. Unreal Engine is not open in the same sense the jMonkeyEngine is.

I personally would like to see all source code distributed with the binaries, under the same licence as the binaries. Imagine being able to fix bugs in “closed source” software, and distribute binary patches.

Also, Sweethome3D is pretty cool actually :smiley: Its actually exactly what I need right now for my project so its really funny this thread came up.


I use the GPL v2 and the Creative Commons licenses too, I hope that Emmanuel would be as aggressive as me if someone violated the licenses he chose. Sweethome 3D uses Java3D and as far as I know, his author is reluctant to port it to another scenegraph API but you can write a plugin for it to export directly in j3o. Which kind of integration do you expect? You can already export your models in WaveFront OBJ and import them in JMonkeyEngine.

This what I actually demonstrate, as a hobbyist game maker, I might need some models or locations at least in MVP state, JME3 has out of box Terrain editor, also Makehuman for example take the burden of character, my suggestion is to use Sweet home 3d, as mockup for interior location because it simply exported to OBJ and converted to j3o or fine tuned using blender.

I am not proposing to be integrated in JME 3 or something like that.

EDIT: The discussion here take another direction regarding the complication of the dual licensing nature of the software. and other software similar to it