Switch a SimpleGameApp to use DummyDisplaySystem?!


i have an application, which is client-server based and still is based on SimplePassGame…

So everything is working fine, so far. Synchronized Scene and animations, chat, login/logout, secured connections, database queries on the serverside et cetera.

BUT, the server is not a dedicated Server, which means that it's still the first client as well, with the graphical output, inputhandling and so on.

But the current task is to make the server a pure server, without graphical output and inputhandling.

So my question is now, what would be the best approach to get rid of the graphical output and inputhandling without the need to restucture/break up everything?!

Is it enough if i just set the Display-/ and InputSystem to DummySystems?

Is this even possible with Simple(Pass)Game ? and if so, how?