Switching from simpleApplication to Application

After have made tests with SimpleApplication, I wonder if extend Application class insted of SimpleApplication could improve my game, giving me more flexibility.

For now I don’t feel necessity to leave the “Simple class”, because all I have to do can be done pretty well, extending that class. Anyway I’m pretty sure I’ll miss something about the lower level if I won’t pass to the Application class. So I ask you at which level of complexity I need to switch from the first to the other and when this passage becomes necessary.

In addition, after reading the code of:

TestAppStates, TestBareBonesApp, Application.class, SimpleApplication.class

there are many concepts which are still not clear to me, like the loop of updating and rendering, which I think is made using

viewPort, guiViewPort, stateManager, rootNode, guiNode.

I feel the lack of intermediates Wiki about these concepts.

Anyone has got a simple scheme or definitions?

Thanks a lot


Just look into the source of SimpleApplication and/or Application, if theres code you dont understand its probably not a good idea replacing that class yourself :wink:

Thanks for the reply, but as I said before, I’ve already read this code.

However, if your only answer you give me is telling me that if I cannot understand them, it will be better to leave things as they are, and not try to teach me anything new, I think that isn’t a good indication. Isn’t it?

In effect, even if I can read the lines,







I cannot find nowhere [source language="/javadoc"][/source] some explication about why these lines have to be here, and what they do.

Well, I am not here to teach you anything new, just what was stated in code already, unless you give me money of course. The StateManager needs to be called so that the AppStates work, the RenderManager needs to render the scene so you can see it on the screen. You know that you can look at the source of those methods too, right?

First of all I want to apologize with you @normen, because my intention was not to be so rude. My only justification is my bad english. So if can accept them, I want to be sure you have my apology.

Secondly, I’ve explained my doubts in the wrong way. Now I haven’t much time, but soon as I have a second, I want to reformulate my questions, if ever you and/or others want to answer me.

For now thanks, and sorry again.