Table based on an EntitySet datasource

I posted in Pauls LemurProto thread about the EntitySet backed table I wanted to create and thought I should post an update but did not want to pollute the original thread any more.

The original idea was to create a table that would be backed by an actively updating EntitySet and display it. This would allow for easily creating an overview of all the entities matching a pre-defined criteria in any game using Paul’s Zay-ES entity system. The table can also provide a means for selecting and interacting with entities.

The remaining work to be done is mostly cosmetic or extending existing functionality but below are a few vids to show the completed features.

Functionality and look and feel.

[video]EntitySetTable - YouTube

Adding Entities

[video]EntitySetTable AddingEntities - YouTube

Automatically sorting Entities by a defined column as they are added / updated

[video]EntitySetTable AutoSorting - YouTube

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Looks neat.

I like your starfield, too. :slight_smile:

I created that and a few other skybox a few years ago using spacescape and dug it up to see how the grid would look when made semi transparent.

Spacescape is a awesome tool for making seamless space skyboxes and is well worth bookmarking for anyone doing scifi games.

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