Talk and demonstration App for Eclipse RCP integration (SWT)

Hello Everyone,

This is my first post on this forum even if I have been reading it for a while :slight_smile: .
First I would like to thank the JMonkey community and congratulate the development team for the great work they have done.
3 years ago I never program anything regarding 3D and thanks to a great documentation, community and great quality of the product we have been able to build an in production product.
I should have written this post last October but work and family kept me busy.
I only wanted to keep you informed that we had a short talk at Eclipse 2020 a one project we (Obeo) have done for a client (Mesuris) that uses JMonkey. This project is not open source but if you are interested to see what it looks like there is a recording of the talk on YouTube. Please forgive any technical mistakes I made during this talk I am still not an expert (and please correct any of them in a comment so I could learn). The purpose of the talk was to demonstrate the integration of JMonkey within an Eclipse RCP application based on SWT. To support this presentation I have made a small side project to demonstrate how we have done things.

At the time of the recording, we were based on LWJGL2 and the AWT integration it provides. Since then we have been working on a direct integration with SWT and moved to LWJGL3. My client authorized us to Open Source it so I have just pushed it to Github in the repository holding the demonstration app.

The app itself has no real interest but if other people are interested in integrated JMonkey in an SWT application it could help them.

For the JMonkey experts, I would be glad if you could give me feedback on the implementation made for SWT. It is still work in progress. At the time of writing JMonkey main thread is the UI SWT main thread (main difference with AWT integration). The Keyboard and mouse are integrated, the joystick integration remains to be done.