Teaser Video showing the new blueprint editor

GameToker was nice enough to put together a video of some of the newer and some yet-to-be-released features.


If shows some of the existing newer features in the last release and the big addition to the next version which is the in-game blueprint editor.

I keep getting delayed by real life but hopefully I will be able to get this next release out over this coming week.


Do Want!

Very nice features! Then there will be no restrictions to show your building abilities :slight_smile:

Great work! And the enhanced time-of-day system and ambient sound makes it even better :slight_smile:

Hmmm… the only thing that’s changed about the time of day stuff is the ambient sounds that were added last release. Is that what you meant?

Thanks for the encouragement. Hopefully my day-job will let up enough soon for me to finish this release and get it out the door!!! :open_mouth:

Hm well the ambient sound is new for me, so is the dusk/dawn/noon.

But its also possible that i never took a closer look at that so I missed it :wink:

Very nice! :smiley:

I’ll admit I’ve played Mythruna only a couple of times but each time I watch a new video it shows me that you really know where you want to go with this Paul. As usual I’ll keep checking in on any new stuff.

looks great, keep up the good work!

Thanks guys!

@caesar Time has always passed in Mythruna since the very first release. So there has always been a dusk, dawn, noon, etc… the difference in the last released version is that it included ambient sound that changes with time of day. GameToker was trying to capture this while also showing off the day/night features that were already there. :slight_smile:

I don’t know how many times I’ve just let mythruna run while I watch the clouds go by and day dream of what to add next. :slight_smile: Why go outside? heheh


Man... I cannot WAIT to play this game when it's finished. I hope the guy working on it hurries up and finishes it soon... oh, wait... D'oh! ;)

What I can’t wait to see is the monsters you’ll come up with. :smiley:

madjack said:
What I can't wait to see is the monsters you'll come up with. :D

Me too! :)

I know that ants will probably be really early on the list since a) they can be made nearly with primitives and b) are nature's garbage men and will help clean up the world as the other things develop. But like most of the wild animals, they will be neutral for the most part... leave them alone, they leave you alone.

It's the dungeon crawl creatures that will be interesting and I'm only just starting to think about that.

Ants get pretty pissed when their nest is being invaded. I wouldn’t want to do that. Those workers can chew on your legs (and head too) pretty fast. :frowning:

Evil thought!

After invading the Ants and killing their Queen, you could become their new Queen… Ants as slaves to tunnel your crap. :smiley: Wow. NOW you’re talking (and digging!). lol

Yep. These ants will be 1 meter long… so, definitely good tunnelers. :slight_smile:

Nice work, the video too :slight_smile:

pspeed said:
Man... I cannot WAIT to play this game when it's finished. I hope the guy working on it hurries up and finishes it soon... oh, wait... D'oh! ;)

So get the guy back to work! I've heard he's kind of slow, we thought 1 big new feature a day fully implemented and tested would be an easy reachable goal :D
Oh man, there is a long way to go. Implementing the AI, physics, models, inventory system, weapon/clothing system, questsystem, currency and XP system... Lets take it step by step, there are already loads of steps behind you :)
I'm curious whats coming and give me a call if you need some wired ideas or stuff :]


WAIT did I see a working door on your screen???

It’s a fake door. Just another placeable… not attached yet. :slight_smile:

The amount of stuff that happened behind the scenes on this one was/is staggering. You’d think it would be pretty simple but when you need a way to store objects and some data about them (including the blueprints the player has created not just the objects placed), and efficiently load them for the local area even if there are thousands in the world… oh, yeah, and a user interface that merges 2D and 3D objects… That alone took a week to get right but now I’ve got a bit of a toolkit making it easier next time.

Since this is a developers forum, I’ll describe a little bit about what went on behind the scenes.

During the early development for this phase, I read about an architectural pattern called an entity system. I read this series of articles: Entity Systems are the future of MMOG development – Part 1 – T-machine.org and all of the comments. (thanks again for the link, @normen :)) And then read them again. And then looked at sample code. In Mythruna, I was already struggling with the fact that if felt like each new had to be grafted onto the last. Anyway, I had an epiphany moment and that weekend I coded a simple Entity System into Mythruna and got to delete a bunch of code… and I haven’t even fully converted to it yet. (Note: if you are reading this and still struggle with AppStates and Controls, I do not recommend trying to wrap your brain around Entity Systems… it will hurt. :))

The single-player object placement feature was converted to use the entity system and greatly simplified the rendering/dragging/placing code for those.

I had (pre Entity Systems) a plan for how I was going to store the placement of objects in the world but this past weekend when I actually got to implementing it, I couldn’t make that original plan work and came to the point where I needed to solve the general problem of world state storage. This is the kind of thing that Entity Systems make relatively straight forward… and by Saturday, Mythruna had an embedded SQL database that autogenerates tables based on the components stored. (HyperSQLdb for the win.)

So at some point I swapped out the in-memory version of the entity system with the SQL version… and suddenly objects were persistent. It was so easy I had to double check a few different ways that it was actually working. :slight_smile:

And when it came time to figure out how to associate the player-created blueprints with the player… well, I implemented a new data component that associated the blueprint to the player’s inventory. Hooked the in-game object selector up to the entity system and the blueprint palette up to it… and it just worked. Tables were generated, I had to triple check that things were working because it was too easy.

The bottom line: new features (in general) should go in much easier now. Things like player inventory become just about the UI since there is almost zero infrastructure work to do… since actually the blueprint palette is already a subset of player inventory.

So hopefully new features will come faster now. If life stops getting in the way. :slight_smile:

Looking lovely paul, just wondering after watching the vid: Is there going to be a feature to ‘snap to grid’ for the placable objects? It may look natural to have stuff being just a bit off but perhaps people will want to have objects snapped to a grid or so :wink:

Yes, that’s supposed to be one of the options in the right-click radial menu for objects… along with “delete”. :slight_smile:

Aligning to grid will be more critical for the pivot points and things related to physics… ie: attaching my ferris wheel so that it doesn’t rotate off center. When I get around to that, that is. :slight_smile:

so you are creating an interactive 3d modeling system with rpg gameplay :smiley:

Love the idea :wink:

Just read your post about implementing the entity system in Mythruna and the blog series about entities. I find the idea very logical and would like to know more about how you are implementing.

My assumptions:

Every ‘object’ in world is an entity (guid) and is a row in the entity table.

There are components for each type of ‘action’ that an entity will be involved with (hard for me to get the right terminology here) and each entity - component relationship will be a row in a component table. The data for the component will be in that row or in a related row(s).

There will be a ‘machine’ for each type of action that the game must take. I can see render, building block create/destroy, blueprint create/destroy/edit, ? and the code for acting on components is in those machines. The machines are independent and only relate to each other through the database.

Interesting stuff but kinda confusing so far.


Your assumptions show that your idea of the entity system isnt quite there yet :wink: An entity never is any data but a number, the Components have the data. The form and content of the Systems is not defined by the entity system and afaik its a range of things from controls to appstates in mythruna. The components also don’t reflect any “action” only data needed by some action maybe. As paul said, its not really easy to wrap ones head around the entity system coming from OOP, I suggest first looking into Controls and AppStates, they exhibit some similar features, Controls are kind of a combination of Component and System. You will need those anyway and should get a strong grip on them before you attempt to implement an entity-component pattern w/o really knowing what for :).