Tech Demo: Modifiable IsoSurface

Available on the store:

A tech demo of a realtime multi-threaded IsoSurface editor using voxel brushes and multiple materials.

Modify an iso-surface in realtime using voxel brushes and multiple materials.


  • WASD : Forward, Left, Back, Right
  • QZ : Up, Down
  • LMB : Add voxels
  • RMB : Remove Voxels
  • Tab : Enable/Disable Mouse

The demo contains a pager for continuous and endless terrain, basic biomes, three materials and two voxel brushes.

Play the Demo

Download Link:!KMIEgC7a!7fP5mNrZSi2KhLEcJXa918rN5XqyJ2H2lsImXvvXAAE

  • Windows: double-click the start.bat file
  • *nix: Run the file.

Both do the same thing. They just execute java -jar jme-iso-terrain-1.0.jar.