Temporal mesh for curves

Hey everyone,

just a short info about my last commit to blender plugin. :smile:

I refactored this piece of code to make the loading of curves and surfaces more similar to loading meshes.
They now have their own ‘temporal mesh’. This causes that we can now apply modifiers to surfaces and curves just like we do on meshes.

I have also added support for ‘smooth’ factor to surfaces. This change was made in the core (because this is where the Surface class resides) but backward compatibility is still in place - so no worry here :wink:

I have also added support for following otpions that were added in the latest blender versions:

  1. Start and End bevel factors
  2. Fill caps

There are several other features that will be added (hopefully) soon:

  1. Filling the cyclic curves that have the 2D flat set.
  2. Support for ‘offset’ option in curves.
  3. Support for end/start bevel factor slice types (added in blender 2.72).

I will let you know when I add those. But for now if you notice any bugs please report them :wink: