Terrain Editor doesn't save changes I make to the terrain

When i work on the terrain in the editor (raising height, e.g.) all changes are lost after closing the editor window. (Save button(s) are grayed out and I see no other way to manually save changes to the terrain.)

Linux 64bit

What version of the SDK are you using? The trunk version, or nightly, is being changed and could have an issue. However trying it I always get it saving.
There was a bug with the stable version where some tools didn’t register a saveNeeded event.

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Stable (3.03) - any idea when the fix comes? I was just testing this today. I don’t really need the Terrain Editor for the next 2-3 weeks. (Thx, for the quick reply, BTW)

The fix probably won’t make it down to stable. I suggest trying the nightly version and seeing if that helps. Mostly because there are many improvements to the editor there that will make your life much easier. Better camera controls, you can rename the alpha maps, some tool fixes, etc.

You can enable the nightly version by going to Tools → Plugins → settings tab, and enabling the nightly box

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That’s sounds like exposing myself to lots of other possible trouble. Let’s see, how I’ll think about that when I need it.


A simple workaround that worked for me is to rename the terrain in SceneExplorer (to the same name for e.g.). Then the save icons are fully visible.

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Not a fix, but when you are done making changes, look at save buttons, if they look grayed out, then you won’t be able to save, I just add a random object to the scene and delete it. Then the save button is good to go again

@sucik That works fine, thanks. The sad thing is that the editor has more bugs. In ~60% of cases (starts), I can’t see the terrain. (Yes, I’ve turned the light on) The only way to see something is to turn on wireframe mode. but that’s no real help. (But I could check that it saves changes with your workaround)

Does this happen in the scene composer and in the terrain editor? Are you under the terrain?


It works fine (always) in scene composer, but rarely in terrain editor. No, I’m not under the terrain. I see that in wireframe mode and even successfully modified the terrain, but in wireframe mode it’s very hard to judge how it’ll look later.

All I can suggest is to update to the latest nightly version of the editor. I cannot repro your issue in either version.

The scene viewer (3d view) the terrain editor uses is the same that the scene composer uses, so something weird is happening.

This problem appears when I use NightlyBuilds with sdk 3.0. I can click on the save button but nothing happens. Sometimes i get a Save popup if I close the SceneComposer.
If I only use standard SDK 3.0 without NB it works correctly.

You shouldn’t use nightly builds at all anymore, they are not updated for a while anymore because of incompatibilities with the development version. All relevant fixes for 3.0 are applied in the stable updates (3.0.10), even some more than in the “nightly” build you get with SDK 3.0