Terrain Modelling Advice Please

Hello, all! Thank you for your time. I am not new to JME3, but I am new to constructing a game with a large map. I’m wanting advice on how I should construct my world’s terrain. I am not making it open-world, however it will be roughly a grid of about eight 512x512 heightmapped terrains.

Am I going about this right? Should I model eight 512x512 terrains and attempt to match each’s edge shape up to the other when modelling? If I model one 512x512 terrain, how can I make sure it will match up to it’s neighboring terrains?

I’ve tried to generate a very large and flat terrain in TerraMonkey, but it fails. For example, when trying to generate a 2048x2048 terrain.

How can I use TerraMonkey to model such a large game world?

Any advice or related references are appreciated! :slight_smile:


To make them match up make the numbers the same along each edge…

It really is that simple.

A “skirt” down around the edge of each one can also stop lines appearing at the seams.

@zarch Thank you for the advice!

FYI… I was finally able to generate a 2048x2048 terrain in TerrainMonkey. I just had to be on a better computer. LOL

If you think about it 2048 * 2048 terrain is 4,194,304 vertices…

4 million is quite a lot really…

Are you sure you need that?

If you want to use the Terrain’s LOD mechanism, you need a class that implements the NeighbourFinder interface for terrain. This will let the terrain seam its edges (assuming they already are seamed while not using LOD). Take a look at the TerrainTestTile class

Also, you probably don’t need the terrain at a resolution of 1x1. You can make a 512x512 terrain and scale it and you won’t notice much detail lost. Terrain is generally used as a backdrop in games, and you cover it with the actual detail of rocks, cliffs, plants etc.

@zarch Well, I thought so… haha. What is your advice? I am planning a large game world. It won’t necessarily be “open world”. I will be controlling which parts of the world are accessible at a given time.

@Sploreg Thank you for your comments. I see your point about making the terrain 512 and scaling up - makes sense.

Just to give you a little context… my game plays off of low detail, in a way… for example, my game world is mostly terrain with very little filler. Think of a moon planet. I am creating my game’s atmosphere with colors and lighting instead of high-detail textures. It’s a stylized game.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

512 squared is plenty for the terrain map - do what @sploreg said is my advice :smiley: