Terrain Side Project Video [Updated with 3 Adventure Videos]

Would a system like this support destructable environments? Would be interesting to have a game where you turn people to stone and then shatter them :stuck_out_tongue:

@pspeed yeah, cheers.

@zarch would combine fine I guess…

@aevun yeah it can, cool idea.

just wow! :slight_smile:





It's now done for now, I will for sure come back to this project in a little while.

:o surreal ^^

Looks really sweet. :slight_smile: You should get rid of the rocks floating in the air tho :stuck_out_tongue:


You could potentially use the floating rocks thing to your advantage and just supersize it. Build a world like in the Dragon Hunters series/movie.

Gotta wait until about 30 seconds in to see the world… but I always thought it was kind of cool and your dramatic landscapes and floating rocks made me think of it:


Really cool stuff.

Found a still shot which is probably better:
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Yeah I agree, given how the algorithm seems to create rather bizarre landscapes I think theres ways to work with that :slight_smile: Else you’d have to add some gravity/erosion passes I guess… But I really like the quality of this, its like a good riff for a song, theres something in there to carry further ^^

@thetoucher said:
Today I made a start on a runtime j30 to voxel converter...

(left :: unlit Sinbad mesh right :: low resolution voxel version)

Whatcha using for SSAO on the model?

I run my own WIP system I adapted from somewhere (can’t remember of the top of my head), I did have some info / benchmark ss floating around which I looked for when your SSAO topic first popped up but I canna find em :confused: Anywho, the system runs very similar to what you would see in Frostbite 2 (Battlefield 3), runs ~2.5x faster than the standard JME ssao, however mine can cause some odd halo effects, both darkening and lightening around object so the occlusion is far less accurate. It does add a lot of definition to the scene, which I find more useful than accurate AO.