TerrainEditor textures number


Is it possible to add more than 10 textures in terrain ediotr? Because i got 9 diffuse textures and 4 normal textures for 4 of them, and cannot add more normal textures ; /.

You are limited to 16 textures on your video card, at least many people playing your game will be. 3 are used for the alphamaps, leaving you with 13 other textures to use.

A possible solution, yet not offerd by the terraineditor is to use a TextureArray, that way only one of those is used.

A workaround might be to use several terrains/ split your terrains in different parts with same textures. (eg a shore does probably not need snow textures)

Um, okay but if i can use 16 in GPU why in editor there’s only 16? So what technics are used in games to deliver more terrain textures?

You mean “why if you can use more than 16 in the gpu”? Well, yours can handle it possibly, but other people’s can’t. And are you releasing a game just to yourself or to other people with possibly older machines?
To get around the limit, you can force OpenGL 3.0 requirements on the user and switch to texture arrays to handle as many textures as you want.

Okay but how can i use opengl 3.0 in terrain editor?

It’s not just a matter of using openGL 3. You have to re-write the shader to use texture arrays.

You can swap out the material in the terrain by using the property editor. But that won’t change the texture count. I would have to force an API on the terrain materials to allow for that which I am thinking of doing anyways. The material would have to define a texture count, or specify ‘no limit’, and then follow a set format for defining alpha maps and texture layer names.