TerrainGrid deprecated, what should I use now?

Hi, my name is Davide and this is my first post here.
These are my first days on jME, but I have a question; I’m writing a demo project where I create a real world terrain from SRTM DEM files (shuttle radar topography mission). As excepted, the software loads terrain tiles heightmap depending on the position of the camera.
I wrote the SRTM DEM file loader and I created a class that produces TerrainQuad from SRTM files. For terrain pagination I’m currently using the TerrainGrid class, it’s very cool because it manages tile loading automatically. After some hours of development, I found this “https://jmonkeyengine.github.io/wiki/jme3/advanced/endless_terraingrid.html” and I saw that the TerrainGrid class is deprecated; It’s true or the doc is not updated? What I should use instead?

(this is an example, part of the Sardinia island)

Thank you,


I wrote a replacement a while back.


Thank you :wink: