TerrainGridLodControl error

Hey, I’m trying to test out the endeless terrain system, but when i try to run the TerrainGridTest class from the tutorial, I get a ‘cannot find symbol’ under terrainGridLodControl on import com.jme3.terrain.geomipmap.TerrainGridLodControl;

I checked the libraries and there is no such class…

Is this something I need to download or what? :0

Do you have the terrain JAR on your class path? It is indeed in the source tree:




Please could you send it me :P

How old is the build that you’re running? You’d do well to update to the latest stable version…

err, i’m on 3.0 beta…


OK, so I downloaded the latest JME libraries and replaced my terrain package with the new one… I think it’s working now XD

[EDIT #2]

So now I run it and there is nothing there…

Start a new thread with some code :slight_smile: