Terranova terrain generator/mixer

I have committed an alpha version of terranova to github

I have been side tracked a lot lately so I felt it best to commit at this point.

Things that are working:
Project save and load (terrain, settings, textures and materials only)
Terrain generation
splatmap generation and export
heightmap generation and export
basic tree placement (scattering)

Things in the works
more complex generation and detail spawners
terrain detail (tree/grass/object) export/import with project
terrain mixer

I have been spinning my wheels thinking about the best ways to handle terrain detail prototypes, instancing etc. Any and all feedback is VERY much appreciated!


Pretty cool. I’m glad you got to grips with it.

It also becomes super-addictive doing all things noisy. You can change the colors of the trees based on the time of year (make a 1D gradient texture of the season colors) and add a little noise for differentiation from tree to tree… It never ends.


Definitely endless possibilities once you get into environment aspects of a world editor and yes, there are too many possibilities using noise to even count.

I am not sure which direction I will take it after terrain generation and detail spawning has fully matured. I thought I would stop after there are a few decent procedural generation tools and exporters for terrain details, but I might take it even further, who knows.