Test SDK Improvements

Try buildSdk instead of build.

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Done :stuck_out_tongue:

ant.bat -f ./sdk build-zip

Gives me

Buildfile: .\sdk does not exist!
Build failed

…the readme mentions to open it with netbeans, but I hope there is an ant task to get an executable…


ant.bat =f . build-zip

I guess you are launching it from the sdk folder


It wasn’t really clear what the reason for the 3.0 compatibelity was. It was only clear what it did, but not the reason for it.

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@Darkchaos is project upgrader part of the SDK at the time of this writing?

As I said on github: Not yet, since leaving the people with a broken Project or annoying them with popups, isn’t that nice

On the other hand the worst-case is actually copying the source and asset folder aswell as re-setting-up libraries, so mhh.

Yes I saw that comment on github like 30sec after I posted this…