Test soundcard support


Im trying to deploy my game on a PC without soundcard driver installed.

And jME says that the openal lib cannot be found. The dll is there.

How can i test if there is soundcard installed on the System?

I try to put the AudioSystem.getSystem(); and get the exception but the exception is SEVERE and is not caught.

Is there a way to verify if sound is supported before start StandardGame?


You might have less wait time by searching the forum first :wink:

Sorry but i've seen it before post and thats not what i need.

I need to know if exists Soundcard driver installed, i dont want to just disable sound, i want to recognize if there is no soundcard and then disable sound.

I need to know if i must or not disable sound!

Sorry I guess I misunderstood…

umm, maybe try playing a sound; it if fails (or throws error) mark your system to not play any more audio…

I really don't think you can test for specific drivers from java, but you might be able find out if a sound card is available before starting your game.  Check out: http://java.sun.com/j2se/1.5.0/docs/guide/sound/programmer_guide/chapter3.html#113159

I got it.

Info[] mixers=javax.sound.sampled.AudioSystem.getMixerInfo();

If returns an empty array it has no soundcard.

Thanks basixs!!

glad to help :slight_smile: