TestImposterNode hangs at the end

Hy, TestImposterNode.java hangs at the end of the animation, when dr. freak zoomes out. While TestImposterNode.java is running i have a strange looking of the statistic information. It looks like there are two of them. One with number of triangles (2) and number of vertices (4) and another one behind it shifted two character to the right with number of triangles (something like ?95) and number of vertices (500). The second one is flickering. It makes no difference whether the ImposterNode is in the camera frustum or outside. No Exception or error message.

"hangs at the end of the animation"

I see that, investigating.

The statistic information is because of what is happening with the Imposter. Most of the time you see the Quad with the imposter image being rendered to it (2, 4). When the imposter image is updated, the model is rendered off the side, and the statistics picks it up (dr. freak is 496 vertices + 4 for the quad = 500).

Ok i understand :slight_smile:

The hang is due to a bounding construction when dr. freak tries to disappear into nothingness.  Our recursize Welzl function doesn't like that.  We'll look into solutions, but don't expect anything as quick as our usual response time :slight_smile:

Ok, nevermind.  Found the issue and fixed it.  :smiley: