TestScenegraph broken?

When moving the nodes in TestScenegraph the connecting line goes wild a bit, over here. Can anyone confirm this, or is it my version only?

Probably an issue with the new buffer access?

Everything seems to work except the connecting line doesn't properly follow the box when translating it (although it fixes itself after the move is finished). That will be fixed.

Yeah, that's what I meant. I could not find why on the first look - please tell me when you do…

Fixed.  The lines used to share Vector3f objects with the node's world translation.  Thus the lines were rendered with the exact value of the node's world translation at the time of rendering.  Now the lines are updated with the world translation, but the update happens in simpleUpdate.  That is after the NodeController has mucked with things, but before the end of update() in SimpleGame where updateGeometricState goes through and corrects all of the world transforms.  So the wrong value is set on the line.  The fix was to simply add scene.updateGeometricState(0, true); to the beginning of updateLines()

PS: Line has been upgraded in several ways.  More on that in another thread.