Tetris Demo

This is my first application using jmonkey, mostly a learning exercise to introduce myself to jmonkey and blender along the way, plain and simple tetris: GitHub - avshabanov/jmonkeytetris: A tetris game demo, illustrating usage of jmonkeyengine


  • Use of custom application states
  • Use of sound effects
  • Basic work with camera, lighting materials and 3D models
  • Sample save/load game functionality
  • Primitive UI, using built-in jmonkey functionality only

welcome to the monkey mafia, @AlexS ! :monkey:

Recently I’ve been working on a lot of java fundamentals and exploring some simple games in JME, specifically focusing on getting a better understanding of AppStates- so it’s nice to have another simple game to mess around with. Thanks for posting!

Hope you have fun with whatever you choose to work on next :axe: :shield:

Thanks! If you end up looking at sources, please feel free to share your feedback on what could be improved.

You’re welcome!

I’m a noob at java so I’m not really in a place to be critiquing people’s code but after I run it and mess around in there I can still report back on the experience or if anything seems super funky :melting_face:


Well I just wanted to share my experience-

Thoughts in no particular order. I thought the code was very tidy and nice to read. When I first got in the project I had some issues with not being able to find the main class. I use the jMonkey SDK and I have never messed with Maven before. I use ANT because I’m an old soul stuck in a millennial body and also the less folders and files the less confusing for me … anywho I messed with the Maven plugin and then also did Run-> Build Project (just in case this helps anyone else) and then I was able to get in (Since then I have been unable to replicate my main class issue … which really bothers me. Just have to try to let it go …


Anyway at this point I kind of forgot about coding and turned to gamer and to be honest I’m not sure if I’ve ever really played Tetris before. My strategy was quite unsophisticated and I didn’t fully understand the rules until a few playthroughs … haha.

At the end of the day from a user perspective everything worked just as it should. If it ain’t broke …
I feel like I have a lot more to learn from studying than to make any meaningful suggestions but thanks for sharing! And here’s my best score so far … haha.

TLDR: worked great, tidy code, I’m not very good at tetris. Or maven.


Just going to leave this here:

It’s important when playing tetris to be able to sing “Caaaaan… I… have… a… long… one… please…”