Textbuilder change text <solved>

Hello, I use nifty. When i create a textfield like this

control(new TextFieldBuilder(“name”,“text”){{

i can change the text later with this

TextField textfield = screen.findNiftyControl(“name”, TextField.class);

but when i want to do the same with a text created with a Textbuilder, i don’t know how to change the text ???

text(new TextBuilder(“name”) {{

What do i have to do ro change the text later in the program?
Is it possible at all or should i use deactivated buttons instead?

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found in wiki:

Element niftyElement = nifty.getCurrentScreen().findElementByName(“score”);
// swap old with new text
in: Interacting with the GUI from Java :: jMonkeyEngine Docs

will this help?

BTW: Most JME developers seems to use Lemur currently


Thank you for the fast answer.
btw. I’m glad that i know now how to handle nifty and there are allready thousands of lines of code in my program. So I don’t want to change everything again.