TextField carat position not works correct in HAlignment.Center

Carat not position in center when setting TextField in HAlignment.Center mode.

And here is my code: :wink:

TextField nameField = nameInputPopup.addChild(new TextField(""));

using the latest release

// Lemur
    compile "com.simsilica:lemur:1.10.1"
    compile "com.simsilica:lemur-proto:1.9.1"

Paul can you please test it to see if you have this problem, too.


Oh, I’m sure I would have the problem… and no I don’t have time to test right now.

I’m quite sure that the cursor positioning doesn’t take alignment into account. How I have to calculate it is a bit of a hack anyway because BitmapText does not provide the right information in this case. So the hack will have to be updated to account for the internal text position.

…or we disallow alignment for text fields. :slight_smile:

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