TextField with FengGUI and JME

hi there,

im trying to make a textfield for the user to input some data:

inputField = new TextEditor(false);
      inputField.setY(display.getHeight()- MENU_OFFSET_HEIGHT - 50);
      inputField.setSize(MENU_WIDTH, 30);

the problem is, i can't input any text by keyboard. somehow the text isn't displayed in the textfield. im using the fengguiimputhandler from the wiki and a thirdperson controller as well as a chasecamera. does anybody know how to solve that? fenggui forum is saying that the fengguiinputhandler doesn't provide the keyboard inputs. but i can't find an explanation how to do that.


Make sure you call this somewhere in an update method:


where inputHanlder is your jmefenguiInputHanlder