TextGameState Created

I've added a new feature that is extremely basic, but I've thought on more than one occasion how useful it would be so now it's finally here.  TextGameState is a simple game state that's entire purpose is to display text (like SimpleGame does for FPS) but the text is settable.  I'm not sure how useful it will be for released games, but for debugging purposes I think it will be extremely useful.

I checked in some other changes so I'll just stick my CVS commit entry here:

* Modifications to ThrottleController
   * Added JavaDocs to explain the massive number of params that have to be passed on instantiation
   * Added deadZone to define the area on both sides of 0.0f that automatically get considered 0.0f
   * Added degradation to explicitly define how fast thrust will degrade back to 0.0f
   * Added alwaysDegrade to define if even with key/button thrust specification it will degrade toward 0.0f
   * Added 50ms wait when 0.0f is reached before changing speeds. This will keep fast updating clients from receiving too many keypresses that keep you from ever reaching 0.0f
* Created TextGameState to allow a GameState to be displayed that is designed entirely just to display text. Will add features later to set to a specific area on the screen.
* Modified TestSwingControlEditor to make use of changes to ThrottleController and added TextGameState to display the current throttle and thrust

Anyone that decides to use ThrottleController let me know if the massive number of params is too much and I can change it to default and use setters to specify the values if that would be easier?

maybe a add TestTextState?

I thought about that, but since it's EXTREMELY simple and TestSwingControlEditor uses it, I figured it wasn't necessary to bother.

oh my bad. it was so obvious that TestSwingControlEditor uses it  :stuck_out_tongue:

How opposed would you be to me setting you on fire?

…i think i’m making enemies  :’(

What would make you draw such a conclusion as that? :wink:

somebody places dark frog symbols (probably an occult ritual or curse) between my post (actually all over the jme board) :stuck_out_tongue: