Texture Atlas problem

I used to have a small texture atlas for my project but I have expanded the atlas with an additional 8 textures. When I implemented the new atlas into my project I noticed something strange…


As you can see in the above screenshot my grass texture is mixing up with other textures from my atlas. The strange part is when I get up close to the grass I can see the texture being applied correctly. My values for selecting the grass texture are correct.

What could be causing this and how can I solve this problem?

This is the 3rd post regarding this issue …

Look up “mipmaps texture atlas” … Since the built-in forum search doesn’t work properly you might want to use Google with the site value set to hub.jmonkeyengine.org

Theres a google custom search to the right below the alpha-4 box image. The built-in forum search actually only scans the titles of the posts, complain at buddypress.org :confused: