Texture Missing?

Hello, everyone. Like a lot of people, I am new to jMonkey.

Whenever I try to run HelloStates in Netbeans, I am able to get to the application itself, but in the place of the Monkey.jpg I am getting a Texture Missing on the cube. I've tried entering backslashes in the path, giving it the 'C:\NetbeansWorkspace…' but nothing seems to work.

I am running jME2.0.1 and Netbeans 6.8. Does anyone know what the problem might be?

jmetest/data/images/Monkey.jpg needs to be in the classpath.

How did you set up netbeans?

If you downloaded jME2_0_1-Stable.zip, this is not in any of the jars but in the src/jmetest folder.

Its better if you set up jme from svn, that way you can easily browse and run all the tests and you are always up to date.


How would I set SVN up so that I can run everything like you said?

The Wiki has a few tutorials to set up jme in netbeans or eclipse.