TextureMode Repeat

Hey Guys,
I just imported a “scene” from Blender to Jme.
The Problem is: It did not care to the repeat I set on the texture but rather use “stretch” (or how it is called).

I now changed in the Materials Properties’ the repeat-checkbox but I can’t see any change in my Scene. Might that be because that repeat means simply “repeat when all pixels used”?

I used repeat to have the illusion of a higher resolution and set x-repeat in blender to 4.

Sounds like you need a texture scale parameter.

TerrainLighting uses this to adjust the “resolution” of a texture, which in effect causes a texture to repeat more times over a given area, rather than drawing once and then stretching across the whole terrain.

I don’t think there is such a parameter in the default Lighting material, though it’s easy enough to create one. In the fragment shader, just multiply the texture coordinate by your scale.

e.g vec4 diffuseColor = texture2D(m_DiffuseMap, texCoord * m_DiffuseMapScale);

Something like this:

((Geometry) spatial).getMesh().scaleTextureCoordinates(Vector3f);

Hey Guys,
I was busy with blendering a while now :smile:

Okay so there is no such premade parameter which means I’d have to use my own shader and pass values manually?
Or could I simply use my own Material Definition which includes m_DiffuseMapScale ?

@jayfella: Your solution works like a charm now :slight_smile:
(It only sucks that I need to supply a xml file for the texture coordinates, perhaps I could use the Material for that?)