TextureRenderer camera manipulation

I added this to TestCameraMan's simpleUpdate() method:

    float time = (float) timer.getTime() / timer.getResolution();
    float fov =  60 + 20 * FastMath.sin(time/10);
            (float) display.getWidth() / (float) display.getHeight(),
    tRenderer.getCamera().setFrustumPerspective(fov, 1, 1,1000);

Now, I would expect both cameras to zoom in and out periodically. They don't. Only the "main" camera zooms, the movable one won't change. Calling both of the camera's update() methods won't change anything for the better, it seems to just apply the frustrum  of whichever camera I update last to the whole scene. Did I misunderstand something , or should this work as I intend?

Sorry, just noticed the TextureRenderer.updateCamera() method. That fixes the problem. Next, I am trying to get Renderer.QUEUE_ORTHO Spatials drawn by TextureRenderer… not working now, but probably my fault as well.

Queues should work. Try something from normal to e.g. transparent queue first. If that works queues are not the problem, check positions of the ortho stuff then. You'll need different positions than on normal screen when your texture renderer has different frustum sizes.