Thank you jMonkey Engine!

I recently used this engine in an engineering presentation at my university. Our project took a light source and located its angular position relative to horizon. I was then able to use that information to update a simple lens flare and model which showed what the project was doing in real time.

The looks on the viewer's faces was really gratifying.

The coolest part was that this engine made it so easy and fast to do!  So this is just to say thanks for all your hard work, and keep it up!  :smiley:

Cool, I hope you got an A. :slight_smile:

Yes JMonkey is really the best. No doubt one of the easiest to use and best designed engines ever.

Well done :slight_smile: I hope your teacher were impressed too!

meh? this thread is almost a year old  XD

I plan for years to give the perfect response…

now that's an argument i can't fight against.

"was" impressed, not "were". one year of preparations, and now this…


HamsterofDeath said:

"was" impressed, not "were". one year of preparations, and now this....

I'll have a snappy response to that by 2009...

XD now that will be some quality response - longer than a year even! Can't wait to read it - can we possibly get a public beta at some point?

Should be possible to get some pre-production footage up on Youtube, Q2 2008 or so…  8)

(…and they used to blame me for thread hijacking… grumblegrumble…)

@Sfera: Since this thread was zombified after over a year of being dead, I would say it is fair play  :stuck_out_tongue:

it wasn't zombified. it seems like people were just waiting for mr coder to answer.  :smiley:

Actually it was Baune who resurrected the thread.

yeah, he couldn't wait anymore. i suppose that's what made mr coder released that answer so early and without removing all bugs :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

next time he'll probably be more carefully and go trough all necessary steps (previews, alpha, beta, etc.)

Ok, ok… it got zombified while waiting for the answer (i.e. it died of natural causes  :P)

I'm gonna start going the open-source way with my answers instead, to get around the worst release bugs. I'll have a SVN repo for it in not too long…

The only thing I have so far is:

"Dear HamsterSoonDead, my answer…"

I have a bug report already  ;)… Be sure to have that repo up and running soon! And check its bandwith!  :smiley: