The Forester recruitment thread

This is some info about the Forester project, and how to get involved.

First of all, the project is now called BioMonkey. What was known as Forester will later be referred to simply as the Vegetation component of BioMonkey.

The lib is a bit messy still, as I’ve been focusing on functionality, but I’ve gradually started to fix it. The paging and stuff will most likely be delegated to terrain grid, and handled through terrain grid listeners. A lot of other stuff will be managed in the same way - by using already existing systems. Zarch’s recent work on getPixel in images (and other stuff) will make density maps a lot easier to handle etc. Stuff is happening all the time.

The current issues are pretty advanced. It has to do with mipmap generation, multi-sampling issues, transparency issues (how to render large amounts of semi-transparent objects efficiently). There are some light and shadow shaders that needs more work, and the LOD system should be extended.

Finally, this thread is about recruitment and nothing else. Please refrain from linking to articles and stuff in this particular thread, or talk about general ideas. Post in this thread if you have working code/design that you’d like to contribute, or you want to learn about a specific class or system in order to extend/replace it and contribute the work. Only work matters here (EDIT: Unless you’re a dev/contributor, of course…).