(The) Fyrestone-- an MMORPG High-School Senior Project

Hey. Just thought I’d start a thread to tell the jME community about our progress.

I am the lead developer for the project, and my friend Tag (on the forums as Kingtag1445) is the assistant developer. We’ve got a few people on graphics and sounds, and we’re probably going to be recruiting a bunch more from our school for the massive amounts of models we’ll have to get.

Anyway, right now we’ve gotten our terrain all done and we’re beginning to wire our project for networking using JGN, while I am simultaneously learning how to use FengGUI, but none of that is in yet. Right now we have an unanimated, untextured model of a ninja standing in our terrain!

So here’s a screenshot of what we have so far: Screenshot

We’ll post more screenshots as we get them (maybe even a video someday!)

Nice work, although you gotta sort out the grass texture repetition  }:-@

Hehe yes. We've been using freebie textures from any site we can find. I personally LOVE the TestIsland's "nicegrass" texture, I assume I can't just use it in my game though–is that correct?

jME is under BSD license (which essentially means you can use it for anything while keeping the license info). This would apply for the resources as well, usually. I don't think there's an exception for nicegrass, if the developer who added it (Mr. Coder) had the right to put it under BSD.

wait does that mean when we publish our game we have to put the jME copyright on it?

There are several explanations about BSD consequences on this board and on the Internet. Short answer: you need to retain the original copyright notice for the parts that are under BSD license (e.g. in the source file, in a license.txt or in an about window depending on the kind of release). You are not required to put any of your work under BSD or similar.

Latest screenshot including GUI and textured ninja model.

Screenshot here

Are you related to HamsterOfDeath by any chance ??

theprism said:

Are you related to HamsterOfDeath by any chance ??

Not at all--why do you ask?

New video showing what we’ve got in Fyrestone here.

There’s audio commentary by me only because I’ll need to show the videos at my presentation of the project at the end of the year, sorry if its a bit annoying and not very interesting.

Today the programmers behind Fyrestone filed to reserve their corporation name in the state of California.