The Hunt (new name needed!)

This project is still early in development, but I’m creating a forum thread since people seem to be interested in each others games, and I want to show mine off :slight_smile:

The idea is a multiplayer first person shooter (instead of guns we have spells, but its the same principle)
A maximum of 8 players are spawned in a rather large map, made up of 5 sections. There are 4 differently themed terrains surrounding a central maze. The maze is risky due to close quarters combat, but special buffs and items can be found there to enhance the player’s abilities.

So far I have only created 2 buffs which can be found in the maze (the maze is NOT randomly generated but still very difficult to navigate). Both buffs alter your perception of the world in some way and last 30 seconds before wearing off and re-spawning, as well as enhancing your abilities. One buff increases the damage of your spells while the other increases the player’s movement speed.

Each player has 4 spells (Particle emitters), and each spell takes a different amount of time to cool down, and also they do different amounts of damage. Your first spell will take maybe 30 seconds to cool down but does a heck of alot of damage, while the fourth spell does minimal damage but can be shot every 5 seconds.

Anyone can run a server on an open port :slight_smile: Also please let me know if you can come up with a new name



The movement buff (You can also see I already have a damage buff from the icon in the bottom right)

It may not look like much but the networking took me F*&^$"* ages


this game looks pretty cool, im really in to mp games with small server sizes. its a lot more personal when you beat someone :D.

I don’t have any name ideas, but if you ever need to organize a few people to do some playtesting, you should send me a PM i’d be interested in helping out.

@icamefromspace said: if you ever need to organize a few people to do some playtesting, you should send me a PM i'd be interested in helping out.

Thanks I will definitely have to take you up on that :smiley: I have a few friends who would be willing to do some testing but I have no idea how the server will handle 8 players, with no lag compensation/interpolation as of now.

Anyway it would be maybe weeks, even months off till I can get it into a state where its playable

Good luck with this project, it’s a big one :slight_smile:

Looks like you have made a good start on it though.