The jME wiki is out of date?!


The jME wiki seems to be out of date. I wonder is there a resource like it that is up to date for jME 2? I copied the example code for SimpleGame and it has errors. It looks like code for jME 1.

The wiki is helpful as it lists clearly with examples. The API is a bit idiosyncratic and I find it hard to organise my code after reading it.

I do not want the tutorials as there is a lot of things left out. For example I do not know which game type is going to be best for me so I wanted to read some information about what each type does. Furthermore I am unsure exactly how many there are or what they are called?!!?!?

So basically is there a resource like the wiki that is up to date for jME 2?



Neilos said:

The jME wiki seems to be out of date.

it always is and always will be out of date, but it is usable at its current state. My guess is you stumbled into the jme 1.0 wiki part. did you notice that there is a wiki for jme 2.0?

zathras was working on this for a while which covers a bunch of different jME2 topics…

But as with all wiki’s, knowledge is collaborative, so don’t be shy about updating if you see something wrong and know the correct answer :wink: