The Luggage Project

I thought, since I’ve already mentioned in when talking to Trussel, I might as well announce the game I’m making. Since it doesn’t have a name, but our modified JME engine (in very early stage, sadly) does, I’m naming the topic after it.

The game is an MMO rpg-rts with player created content and a changeable world. What that boils down to is, you command a group of characters, develop them, and are able to permanently change the world with them. If you kill someone, they stay dead (so try to avoid pissing too many people off, or they might just kill you).

The world (I’ll put up the current backstory later in more detail) is set directly after a series of apocalyptic events, which shattered the major empires and made many areas without any law to speak of. The world has stabilized a bit, though war still persists in some cases, but none of the nations are powerful enough to take over the territory. A huge amount of land is available for any pioneer (namely you) to take control of.

A major focus of this game is to try to give the player absolute control. They can do anything with their characters - take over the world, build a financial empire through trade, smuggling, blackmail, and extortion, join the “dark side,” - if another character is doing it (NPC or not) you can, as well. (So, if you want to go hunt monsters and make a creature-fighting arena, go get some nets!)

Taking over territory means you can create laws, construct buildings, and thusly cities, establish trade networks, build fortresses, and play about with your peons. Yes, you can tax.

There will be no classes. Instead we’re using a skill system - look at if you’re interested for the general idea.

Sounds massive, and I love sandboxing so I'd play it…  But you must have a huge team, how many are you? each role?

No, we don't have a huge team. Not yet, at least. This has been a private project between me and a friend for quite a while (mainly centering around what makes an mmo fun, cohesive, and engaging), and we've only just started programming after we've gotten the central idea down. We're getting a club together, but so far it's just me and him.

Still, since neither of us are really experienced, any help would be appreciated.

thats huge and a great idea,  but

like usul said it, if you ever want to finish it, it will take a big team

Sounds cool. A bit like Eve-online, but even more freedom :slight_smile: So yes… it sounds ambitious, but I absolutely love it. It will take a whole lot of NPC-s to make this a fun and active world though…

My friend is obsessed with Eve. So yeah, he's been putting in a lot of similar ideas. They aren't bad, though - eve has a better concept than WoW, it's just

Well, one of my objectives is to try to get rid of certain stereotypical MMo trends. For example, separated PvP and PvE, the absolute NPC characters (unchangeable and unkillable), unchanging factions… I'm trying to blend them all together into something that is more interesting. For example, you can join a faction, just like a guild, and move up the ranks, and possibly take control. Needless to say, doing so should take INCREDIBLE amounts of effort. You can't just move in, you have to give all you've got over and over again. Factions are like guilds, just started by NPCs, and you can have fighting between them just like anything else. Also, fighting other players is exactly the same as fighting in PvE - you find something, and kill it. There's no "disable PvP" button.