The New FlagRush ! (Tutorial to be added besides the source)

Hello SweetHearts!

my name is Nader Sleiman, i fell in love with java 3d gaming and found that Jmonkeyengine is a wonderfull java 3d engine right there that may have several uses besides java gaming.

I am here to contribute over the next days/months/years as much as possible according to circumstances (i’ve got flu , if its swine, i hope i 'd survive :slight_smile: ).

So since FlagRush’s code & Tutorial is one of the best Tutorials and the very basic of all for easy understanding, i’ve decided to fix the ruined FlagRush in the newest Jme release (2.1 i beleive) ,and Added some more cool stuff!, here is the list of the fixed/added Features:

1- Fixed locations and rotations of the Posts (columns connecting the fence).

2- Fixed the Flag’s clothing wich was very deformed (long and scattered).

3- Fixed the Bike’s shaking or random leaning while moving.

4- Added a game-point-of-play, a score system that will add up whenever you rush your bike to hit the flag that will

be replaced on random locations every 5 seconds inside the fence field.

5 added Basic/Intermediate collision handling wich is based on reversing the Bike’s velocity upon collisions.

6- added a very nice particleSystem handling that will fire random flare particles when the bike collides based on the update method’s  interpolation.

7- added 2 modes to start the game with, a Day Mode ( the old one), and a Night mode wich will show you how to build stars/constellations randomly in the sky above :slight_smile:

Note: to Run the source, you will need to place the source in some IDE such as netbeans, then import the jme’s libraries, add the jmetests Data folders (folders inside the Data folder in jmetests such as textures, images ,etc…)

to the classpath (or add manually to the classes folder), and finally make sure that the lwjgl native dlls are placed inside the root directory of your project, that’s all about it.

I’ll be writing a somehow detailed tutorial about it , hope you like it :slight_smile: (its in the attachements)

[Edited , better particle system and now the flag will be centered around a glowing particle swarm for sexyness  }:-@/color]

We talked this over briefly on IRC and I think this is a great contribution. The FlagRush tutorial is probably our most used tut, as it appeals to newcomers who want to try their hand at something 'real' after wading through the preliminary stuff, and for the more experienced users it's great for 'diving into' as a JME crash course.

We should have this up on the wiki, files and all, once people have run their tests and this thread sees more feedback. Remember to comment on the way the tutorial is written as well, as there should be no harm in chiming in for those parts either.

Update !added particles emission by the variable flag to make a cool effect!!

This is definitely great to hear! As a fairly new user of JME I have been working through the FlagRush series. In fact, I'm working on it now and was taking a little break to browse the forums. I'm getting close to being finished with everything that is available for the tutorial. I would love to see the tutorial be totally completed and polished. I hate seeing all those red links on the tutorial main page, but I did notice that the collision stuff was added, so I will be implementing that very soon. (Hooray! Now I won't be driving through the walls!).

Keep it up!