The old forum archive?

I am looking for a thread that I remember seeing on the forum that we had before this one… I think that currently the information from that old one is not accessible and not Googleable. Is there an archive anywhere so that one could access it and browse?

How old? We transferred the history over from the previous forum, I’m pretty sure.

I mean, it has my very first Mythruna post back in 2011…


Hmm, true if I just keep manually scrolling down, I see all the topics from the past… Then it must be me not using the Googles date filter. Thanks! I’ll try to search more thoroughly :slight_smile:

I just remembered that there was some occasion in the past when something was lost, and thought that was it.

Why not use the built-in site search? It’s a lot better than many such, and can be refined live as you search. The Advanced options include date filtering.

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